Alpha Dog is Your Leader of the Pack When it Comes to Training Your Canine

Dogs sitting with Alpha Dog Pet SittingA big bark out to you all for coming to the site. We are really happy to have you here and that is especially true since we are revamping our site. We want to bring you the top of the line training tips when it comes to instructing your canine.  A happy family and home starts with a well-behave dog who is obedient and listens to you when you ask him to do something.  The relationship is even more special when he obeys your commands because he wants to please you.

We plan on giving you the help and tips you need that will bring about that special bond that comes with having a dog in the family.  As a result of that bond, the two of you can also work to establish the pack leadership, being you as the human and him as the dog.  From there a whole lot of love and puppy kisses can come, if that is what you are looking for from your four-legged friend. We will cover that more in additional articles and posts.  For now, thank you for joining us.  Welcome and be sure to come back for more dog training and pet sitting tidbits.